New Library Opened Next to Leesville Campus

Community Children as well as those involved in the opening of the new library cut the ribbon.
Children help city and county leaders cut the ribbon.

Wake County opened a new library branch September 26, 2009.  The Leesville branch is the closest and most convenient branch for Leesville families.

The new facility, on 5105 Country Trail, houses 59,000 new books and 20 public computers.  The modern building is part of a 55-acre city park and is located adjacent to a public playground.

Although students primarily use the internet for research, libraries are still important within education and the community.  According to a study of school libraries in Illinois, high schools with frequently visited libraries reported a 3.6% increase in ACT scores.  In this respect, Raleigh’s newest library may help students after school closes; public libraries are open until 9 p.m. most nights.

Wake County opened its newest library September 26, 2009.The new library houses 20 computers and more than 59,000 books.
Wake County opened its newest library September 26, 2009.

“Libraries are also important cultural centers,” said Ms. Arrowood, a Leesville librarian.  “They are places that you can go to for free and borrow books, DVDs, and other media forms.”

At Leesville’s library, many students use the 64 available computers before school starts.  “Some of these students will probably use the public library’s computers, seeing as we close at 3:30,” said Arrowood.

Courtney Carol, sophomore, is excited about the new library.  “I will use the library more, now that they opened a new one right by the school,” said Carol.

Jean Fargo, Leesville’s branch manager, said, “We are expecting a lot of visitors.  We already have more than 80 volunteers, and that just shows how committed this community is.”

Charles Meeker Speaks at the Opening
Meeker speaks at the opening of the Leesville Library

Some object to the opening of a new library during the worst financial crisis in years.  But for community members, the new library opened just in time.  “Library usage has spiked during the recession because more people realize how much money they can save by borrowing books and other media,” said Fargo.

When viewed from that angle, Wake County could not have opened the new library sooner.

In addition to the library, plans are underway for a community center in the same plot of land.

At the opening ceremony, Mayor Charles Meeker recognized the collaboration necessary for the new park and library.  “The partnership between Raleigh and Wake County is very important to all of us.  We now have a library and a park,” he said, “There will be trails and before too long, there will also be a community center built here.”


  1. Pierre,

    Very well said. The library is a great community asset as well as THE MYCENAEAN.

    Thank you.

    Sophie Jones
    PTSA Newsletter Editory

  2. Pierre, Well said. Your publication is great! The library is a great addition to the Leesville Community! Thank you for sharing in light that the Mycenaean is the current paper of the community.
    Sophie Jones
    Leesville Road High School
    PTSA Newletter Editor

  3. The band performed well at the ceremony, but with all due respect, this article is about the new library and city park–not the symphonic band. As with many articles published by The Mycenaean, this article focused on an event not directy affiliated with the high school.

    As evidenced by last year’s articles available online, the Mycenaean aims to spotlight a wide spectrum of clubs, organizations, community events, art performances, sports and student achievements. Those different aspects of Leesville life are by no means mutually exclusive, but in this case, the article had nothing to do with the band and everything to do with our newest public library.

  4. The Leesville Symphonic Band played at the opening of this library, yet there are no pictures of the band or even a mention of their participating in the festivities. Why would the Leesville school paper leave that out of the article?

  5. Great article, and I hope there is an additional article coming about Leesville’s Symphonic Band playing at the grand opening of the library!


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