The Struggles of Teachers During the Pandemic

Hospitals, businesses, schools, and the world have been affected by the pandemic. One group that has been overworked by the pandemic the most has been teachers. 

In just a short period of time, teachers have had to change their way of teaching. Teachers had to navigate complex technology, not to mention we don’t know what type of circumstances they could have at home, all to then switch back and have to relearn everything again. 

When the coronavirus was at the peak of its terror, all students had to be virtual for most of the year. After the people spoke, teachers had to change their planning again to help the students coming back to school.

Christopher Craddock, one of the newest additions to the Social Studies Department, shared his own feelings about all the kids coming back to school: “It was hard balancing the students who were virtual and the students in the classroom.”

Now in present time schools have opened back up, and while the pandemic continues, there has still not been a new sense of normalcy, but we are adapting, with students and teachers coming back in school and hopefully will stay for as long as they can. “It’s been really great, the social studies department has been so welcoming and has been providing me with a lot of resources to make the transition easier,” said Craddock, “I am that much more excited to be with students in person.”