Key To Success

The company’s founder, Wilson uses concepts of inspiration such as “the power of women” and “customers well-being” to keep the brand on the market.  

During the global pandemic especially, they found a way to turn their clothing brand into an online fitness community. This included daily Instagram live streams by brand ambassadors, and online sports challenges for people to remain active while in quarantine. 

By keeping customers engaged through their new reality, inspiration was brought through hard times as well as even more publicity for Lululemon itself. The company highly values building relationships with potential and existing clients, otherwise their attention could be easily distracted by competitors.

Another big factor in the success of Lululemon is social media.

Of the 4.2 billion users on the internet, the average user spends a total of 116 minutes on social media a day. This creates a perfect online outlet for companies to advertise their product. Lululemon tends to use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to do so. 

Lulu is very active on their social media. They constantly share new products, events, and daily empowering activities/quotes, creating a great visual feel of their company for viewers.

Lululemon also does a good job interacting with their followers, responding to comments as much as possible, which creates an active environment and community of customers.

Tiktok is also a very popular social media site when it comes to fashion trends. It is practically free advertising for some companies, especially for Lululemon. As of right now, the hashtag “#bbljacket” is trending on TikTok with over 25 million views. Under this hashtag, customers show off their Lululemon “Align Jacket”, claiming it simulates the same look as a “BBL” (Brazilian butt lift). 

The jacket’s ability to provide a comfortable, yet slim-tight, as well as sculpting fit is something that customers seem to love. Seeing this jacket on thousands of women on the trend leads them to purchase one of their own. Although this product has been sold by Lululemon for a while now, sales have gone up all thanks to the great “bbl jacket” trend.

All starting with one little women’s athletic clothing shop in Vancouver, Lululemon has not only evolved as a company but expanded across the globe. The brand plans to keep itself on top and well-known when it comes to athleisure.