Hannah Snell

“I think the most meaningful thing I learned here at Leesville is really just that to make friends you have to be a friend.”

Ms. Snell attended LRHS from 2008-2012. She participated in chorus every year and really enjoyed her time at Leesville. While she has spent the last several years in Alabama, Ms. Snell recently moved back to Raleigh and is teaching English lll here at Leesville Road High School. 

“Two teachers at Leesville profoundly affected the course of my life: Mrs. Covington and Mrs. Dinkenor, who taught chorus and English IV, respectively. Mrs. Covington gave me a love for music, and a love for understanding music, that I will always keep…. I enjoyed [Mrs. Dinkenor’s] class so much that I wanted to make her proud. I started doing my best, for the first time ever, and was surprised at how good success felt. A year or so later, looking back, I decided that I wanted to be that kind of teacher – I want to reach students who, like little me, haven’t yet succeeded.”