Ela Baldina

Baldina was inspired to start acting at the age of 5 when she saw Wicked at DPAC and Annie at the North Carolina Theatre. 

“After I saw Annie I kind of realized what I wanted to do with my life which was theatre,” Baldina wrote over text. She began training at the North Carolina Theatre Conservatory and started taking vocal lessons.

The two things that motivate Baldina to keep acting are the happiness of others and herself. “It brings other people happiness seeing characters come alive in the form of song and dance, and sometimes the audience can hold a special connection with different characters onstage so much the experience is all the more special,” wrote Baldina. She also recounts just how much fun theatre is for her. 

“You get to meet lots of new people who enjoy the same things as you do and share a lot of similar interests, and that creates bonds that can last a lifetime.”