Addy Gyll

Addy Gyll, a sophomore at LRHS, loves to create art in all kinds of forms. She has liked art since she was younger, but only started taking it seriously about two years ago.

Gyll uses a variety of mediums to create her art including her current favorites, paint markers, and clay. Currently, her art centers around more frightening subjects such as monsters and skeletons. She says that she likes using these subjects because she is able to use her imagination.

Stop motion is another artistic passion of Gyll’s. She works on claymation, paper animation, and regular animation as mediums. 

The main inspiration for Gyll’s art is music. “Music helps motivate me and gets me in the mood for creativity,” wrote Gyll over text. She listens to artists like Greenday, Dio, and Radiohead to inspire her to reach out to new branches of art. Iron Maiden and their album covers are also huge sources of inspiration for Gyll.

About a month ago, Gyll partnered up with the band PuffHost on Instagram to create a short claymation clip for “Brain Games”, one of their new songs. “My friend and I love their music, so it was really cool seeing a video of mine on their page,” wrote Gyll.

Gyll has also thought about selling her art, but she has some reservations about it. “I sometimes feel tempted to sell my art, but I know that if I capitalize on it I won’t get as much enjoyment out of it.” 

She currently shares her art on her Instagram, @addybean44, and says that the support she gets on there is all the motivation she needs to keep creating.

To Gyll, the most rewarding part of creating art is having it complemented and critiqued by other artists. ”I’m at the point in my art where getting support from other artists is a significant accomplishment for me”. She loves being in a community where she can appreciate and be appreciated by other artists. To her, support is a considerable factor and her community does a great job of it. “I find it very warming knowing someone took their time out of their day to say something positive towards something I am so passionate about.”

She also enjoys going through her pieces at the end of the month and seeing how her collection has grown. “It’s an awesome feeling!” Gyll wrote.