Petland: Where people can spend time with puppies up for adoption. 

Petland, a cute new date spot, is now all the rage for high school students including Kaylee O’Brien, who has been 3 times. Photo courtesy of Ellis Nani.

Petland is a pet store located in Morrisville where people can spend time with puppies up for adoption. 

Since the puppies tend to usually spend time behind glass waiting for someone to take them home, Petland offers a free 60-minute session with as many dogs as you can fit in that time.

One at a time, the dog of your choice will be picked out and brought straight to your play area.

Although playing with these dogs is fun, to participate, making a reservation is recommended for young adults under 18. 

Most of the dogs are super fun and energetic to play with because of how young they are.

Petland offers many different breeds of dogs including golden retrievers, french bulldogs, huskies, and poodles. 

Some people come and fall in love with a dog and end up being able to take them home that day averaging around $3,000.

Puppies are expensive, so Petland offers financial support options for new and old dog owners.

Their “Special Financing” is a great way to afford to take home a puppy that day with no down payment.  

All you need to do is fill out an application online or in-store and once the application is submitted, one of our Pet Counselors will help you get ready to take home an adorable puppy. 

Petland is filled with all kinds of pet needs. Pet food, toys, beds, and more are all offered at a great price for pet owners. . 

Stop by Petland for a fun experience playing with the dogs or for pet needs. 


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