Why Anime is better than Manga

Anime is more enjoyable to watch than manga is to read. The animation, accessibility, and releases all contribute to a better experience. (Photo courtesy of public domain)

The everlasting debate between anime and manga has sparked division within the Animanga community.

Despite both forms displaying the same concept of entertainment, they are drastically different, creating change in fans’ preferences.

These differences include animation, accessibility, releases, and more.

In a poll conducted by the @lrhsnews Instagram account, 72% of respondents prefer to watch anime over reading manga.

“I like anime over manga because the fight scenes and animation are so much better than reading. I also like watching anime on my phone [rather] than having to buy books.,” said Yudhis Jordan, freshman.

Anime offers amazing animation allowing fans to view a story in action, rather than flipping a page. Fight scenes, music, and color all create a strong visual appeal to viewers, ultimately better than black-and-white pages.

“Fight scenes are super cool in anime because they show lots of color, detail, and fast movement,” said Ken Ishii, senior.

In addition, anime can be found online through sites like Crunchyroll, while manga is found in stores. Having to pay a monthly subscription is much more affordable than buying several books or subscriptions to countless manga sites.

“I get one streaming service and have access to multiple animes, whereas manga, if it’s not at your local library then you have to spend a lot of money,” said Mr. Bacon, a History Department teacher.

Anime has risen in popularity, making it a better source of entertainment than its originator, manga.

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