What are seniors doing for their last summer before college?

Ashley Lamme, Katie Stewart, Amy Garrin, Payton Haag, and Haley Lamme at the beach last summer enjoying their time together before senior year started! (Photo Courtesy of Haley Lamme)

As the final days of high school come to an end, seniors are preparing for an exciting summer, making every day count and taking all of their last memories in. During this summer, seniors experience many different emotions as they transition from graduating high school to the next chapter of their life.

Adventure and Travel 

For many students, this summer is a perfect opportunity to explore new destinations and travel the world. 

Nara Dietrich, senior, dives into her journey ahead. “I’m going to be traveling with my family. First, I’m going to Korea, and I am staying there for two weeks. My brother, sister in law and my little baby niece are all meeting my mom and I there. I’m so excited to get closer to my family as well as get to know my culture more. I haven’t been to Korea since I was a little baby so I don’t remember anything, but I am excited to explore,” said Dietrich. 

Jackson Scofield, senior, is also traveling out of the country and excited for his adventures. “I’m going to England for a week to see my family, and we have a bunch of things planned then I’m going to Scotland for a few days to play at St. Andrew’s which is like the nicest course in the world,”  said Scofield. 

“My friends and I are driving down to Florida to explore the ocean and the casino and going to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun,” said John Dooley, senior. 

Many seniors have plans to travel around the world for their last summer vacation before they embark on their future. 

Balancing Fun and Responsibility 

With a big future ahead, over summer seniors attempt to find a balance between working, learning new skills, and enjoying their time with friends. Katie Stewart, senior, is a perfect example of this. 

“Over the summer, I will be working at Voda, a boutique in North Hills. I love working at Voda because it is going to give me the experience I need for college when I major in Fashion and Textile Management and NC State University in the Spring. I am also going to use this time to hang out with my friends before they go out of state and leave me stranded. I hope to take in these last memories with my friends and plan fun trips,” said Stewart. 

¨This summer I am taking one summer class, working at a restaurant in North Hills, and traveling with friends and family. I will be taking an online English class at Wake Tech in hopes to put myself a little forward in my credits. Between online classes and AP classes, I am hoping to not have four full years of college. It is still important to me that I spend time with my family and friends and create memories in my last summer before college,” said Sydney Cecil, senior. 

Jackson also plans on going to the gym, fishing, and playing lots of golf and poker with his friends to get ready for my first semester at ECU. He shows a great example of a fun-filled summer but also focusing on his bright future to play golf at the Division I level at East Carolina University. 

To Bittersweet Beginnings 

Moving away from home, going off to college, or other future plans comes with leaving family and friends. Students are excited about the change but going to miss the people who feel like home. 

“Even though I’ll be close to home, I want to spend a lot of time with my close friends and family before going off to NC State. I will be spending this time with them in Topsail Beach and in Wilmington, and maybe even some out-of-state trips,” said Emma Provo, senior. 

As the last days of high school are around the corner, seniors are planning their perfect summer and learning the balance between adventures, fun, responsibility and preparation as adulthood begins. 


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