Senior Spirit Week

Pictured left to right, Haley Lamme, senior, and Kaelyn McCann, senior, pose in their Monday Spirit Week outfits. Monday was Dress Like Little You Day. (Photo Courtesy of Valentina Fernandez)

The week of May 20 through the 25th is Senior Spirit Week. Each day of the week has a different theme for LRHS seniors to follow.

Monday was Dress Like Little Me Day, Tuesday was Dress Like Future You Day, Wednesday was Anything but a Backpack Day, Thursday was Green Out, and Friday was Decision Day.

Senior Spirit Week is meant to be a fun, community-building activity for the LRHS seniors. 

Many of the seniors who chose to participate in Spirit Week were featured in a reel for The Mycenean’s Instagram.

Monday: Dress Like Little You Day

On Monday, LRHS seniors came to school dressed like versions of their past/younger selves. 

Some students came in with pigtails, skirts, and open-toed shoes, symbolic of their pre-elementary school selves. Others came dressed in oversized shirts, high buns with scrunchies, and puka shell necklaces, symbolic of their middle school selves.

Regardless of what version of “little you” seniors dressed as the ones who chose to participate in the theme went all out. 

You can see a sample of LRHS’s participating seniors on the reel posted by The Mycenaen’s Instagram page linked here.

Tuesday: Dress Like Future You Day

The opposite of the theme of the day prior, on Tuesday, the seniors dressed like a future version of themselves.

Whether that was dressing “professionally” to signify success, or dressing in the official uniform of their future occupation, many seniors continued their school spirit for Day 2.

Several people wore medical scrubs, business attire, athletic gear, and more. As a junior preparing to apply to different colleges, it was really fun to see the aspiring seniors dressed as their dream job. 

In my opinion, an unexpected result of the day was seeing how some seniors truly tied together their future fits with props including stethoscopes, briefcases, and “designer” bags.

To see a glimpse of your favorite senior’s future, take a look at the reel posted on The Mycenaean’s Instagram page linked here.

Wednesday: Anything but a Backpack Day

Even though “Anything but a Backpack Day” was dubbed an official Senior Spirit Week theme, it was funny seeing seniors who have already left their backpacks behind continue to do so. 

Considering the fact that the Class of 2024 has less than a week left in their high school career, it makes sense that many have opted out of bringing a backpack full of stuff they aren’t using anymore.

This being said, many seniors participated in the day’s theme, bringing their necessities in suitcases, shopping baskets, trays, purses, and other wacky items.

Although it may have been harder to spot which seniors were truly following the theme, it was still fun and interesting to try and scope out participating seniors.

To see some of the alternative backpack options our seniors selected for Anything but a Backpack Day, check out the Instagram reel linked here.


Thursday: Green Out


In terms of true Leesville school spirit, Green Out is the day seniors can truly show off.


The seniors came to school decked out in Leesville green to show out for their final Green Out. 


Some wore green tutus and face paint, or their superlative crown, while others simply opted to wear a green shirt or green bottoms.


Out of all the spirit days of the week, I’d say it was easiest to identify who was a senior on Thursday. Every senior I know had green in some part of their outfit.


Green Out is the last time Leesville seniors can come together and show Pride for the same school; it offers the opportunity for students to come together one last time before they go their separate ways


To see LRHS seniors show Pride in all green, make sure to visit The LRHS Mycenaean Instagram page and click on the reel linked here.


Friday: Decision Day


On Green Out Day, seniors showed LRHS school spirit, but on Decision Day, they showed school spirit for the school that awaits them.


Even though the seniors’ future schools or pathways were officially released in The Mycenaean’s Senior Edition, it was still fun to see them dressed up in their new school’s spirit wear. 


Decision Day was the perfect way to wrap up Senior Spirit Week because it represented what their time at Leesville allowed them to achieve. 


Every senior I saw wearing their future school’s spirit wear was glowing with pride and anticipation.


In the halls, I saw seniors waving to each other and pointing at their shirts or outfits, excited to show off their new school gear. 


From a junior’s perspective, Decision Day gave me something to look forward to; a day where you’re not worrying about college prep, applications, and the like because you already know where you’re going.

I can’t wait for next year when my friends and I get to show off our school spirit for our future schools, but until then, make sure to check out the Class of 2024’s future school spirit in the Instagram reel linked here.


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