Senior bricks in newspaper class

Pictured above are some of the bricks painted by seniors involved in the LRHS newspaper throughout the year. On this wall, there are bricks painted by graduating classes dating back to the graduating class of 2014. (Photo Courtesy of Valentina Fernandez)

Every year, the graduating seniors in the newspaper class are offered a brick to paint in room 240 (Newspaper room).

Every senior in the class for at least two semesters can pick a brick to paint however they’d like.

Most incorporate their future college/university in their brick. Whether by using their new school colors or by including their school’s mascot or symbol, most of the bricks in the room carry some representation of that senior’s future school.

Jacob Dokulil, senior and British Correspondent of Newspaper, said, “I just thought it was a cool idea to paint the mascot of the school I’m going to… It’s showing school spirit for my new school!”

Another popular theme for senior bricks is a hobby or sport that the senior enjoys. For example, there is a brick with the silhouette of a dancer, a brick with a swimming pool, a brick with a running track, and much more.

Kayla Wozniak, senior and staff writer in the Newspaper, said, “I painted a softball on my brick because it was one of my favorite and most important parts of high school… it represents something I love.”

The bricks provide the perfect opportunity for seniors to leave their mark on the class and the school in a creative way. As a result, there are some simple bricks and some extremely intricate and detailed bricks. 

“It was important to me that I made sure [the brick] was exactly the way I envisioned it… I wanted people to know exactly what I painted and not have to try and interpret it.”

Every senior’s brick preserves a sample of themselves and who they were/did during their time in the newspaper.

All of the bricks around the room come together to create a mural in the classroom; they bring together different people and graduating classes. 

Every year when more colored bricks are added to the wall, it adds a new aspect to the classroom and a sentimental piece of the school for seniors to look back on.


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