Leesville Spring Dance concert

Leesville Dance Ensemble performed in the winter concert last semester. (Used by permission of Lori Campoli)

The Leesville Dance Department is hosting its 2024 Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 22, and Thursday, May 23. 

Beginning, proficient, and dance ensemble will be performing dances they have been working hard to produce all semester long. The show will run for two hours and will showcase a variety of dance styles. 

Lillian Hogg, sophomore and proficient dancer, said, “The majority of the dances are student choreographed and it has been really fun to be involved in the creative process… I’m excited to see it performed in front of everyone.”

Hogg has choreographed two dances for the showcase and is performing in a total of six dances.

The dance program allows its students to take part in the choreography process, and use their creative freedom as a way to take leadership in the department. 

Madeline Carpenter, sophomore and member of the dance ensemble said, “People should come to the dance concert because we have worked so hard to create pieces that are unique.”  

Carpenter went on to express her love for the dance program, and how happy she is that it has brought her so many close friends.

The opening dance will be performed by members of the National Dance Honors Society, and the finale is a mash-up of Beyonce’s best hits performed by the whole department! 

Come out and support the dance department! Tickets are $7, and you can purchase them online or buy them at the door! You don’t want to miss it!


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