Leesville High School Senior Sports commitments


Here at Leesville, we have many athletically gifted students.

Ashley Lamme

Ashley Lamme, a senior here at LRHS, has been playing volleyball since she was in 7th grade. Lamme committed to DIII, York College of Pennsylvania back in March 2024.

“My love for the sport and the will to be the best makes me continue to play,” Lamme said, “York’s coaches and environment are incredible, the gym and the people are amazing.”

Ashley continues to express how excited she is to get close to her roommate and win a national championship. 

Brayden Rivenbark

Brayden Rivenbark, Leesville’s varsity football wide receiver, has been playing football since he was 4 years old, playing tackle football at 6. Rivenbark made the varsity football team when he was a sophomore year and committed to Lenoir Rhyne University in January, 2024.

“I chose Lenoir Rhyne University because the community around all of the sports is out of this world, the love the sports get from alumni and people in the area is amazing. I committed to the school for the winning (football) program and the great education.”

Brayden is most excited about meeting new people, going on new trips, and overall starting a new chapter in his life.

He is looking forward to the football season and getting to experience the next level of competition with good challenges for himself. 

Alyssa Jackson

Alyssa Jackson began swimming when she was 4 years old and started competing at 6. Making varsity her freshman year meant that Jackson was a 4-year varsity athlete. She committed to DI, UNC Asheville in November of 2023. 

“I chose to commit to UNCA because of the connection they all have, I wanted to be a part of their family. I am excited to swim with new coaches and friends as well as living with roommates and getting closer to her,” said Jackson.

Alyssa has always had a love for swimming and she enjoys swimming with her teammates because they are also her closest friends. 

“My friends were the ones that made it so fun and made me want to keep swimming,” Jackson said. 

Braxton Lassiter

Braxton Lassiter, four-year varsity defensive end for the Leesville Pride, has been playing since he was 4. His biggest inspiration to keep playing was his older brother and his neighborhood friends. Lassiter committed to University of Richmond in August of 2023.

“I committed to the University of Richmond because they have the best plan and defensive scheme for me, as well as the academic standard there,” said Lassiter.

Braxton is most excited to connect with people from all over the country and make relationships that will last a lifetime.

Teagan Hogan

Teagan Hogan, a four-year varsity volleyball athlete here at Leesville, is a defensive specialist and a libero, has been playing Volleyball since she was 10. Hogan committed to the University of Virginia in July of 2022.

“I chose UVA because they have the whole package — great academics, great coaching staff, high-level volleyball play in the ACC, and a chance to build the program.”

Teagan also loves the beautiful campus and the distance from home. 

Going into college, Hogan is most excited for the start of new friendships, making new memories, fast-paced volleyball, and the chance to improve her game.

We congratulate all other committed athletes here at Leesville and wish them all the best with the next season.


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