Lando Norris’ first formula 1 win

Lando Norris wins his first Formula 1 race ever. After 110 formula one career races Norris finally takes home his first win with McLaren. (Photo courtesy of public domain)

Lando Norris secured an impressive win at the Miami Grand Prix, showcasing his skill behind the wheel of his McLaren livery car. 

Coming from Bristol, England, Norris’s journey from karting to Formula 1 has been marked by perseverance and determination, overcoming age gaps and other challenges along the way.

For Norris, the road to victory was anything but easy. But after 110 races as an Formula 1 driver, he finally won his first race. Norris has the highest number of podiums without a win out of any Formula 1 driver. 

As the lights went out and the race began, Norris unleashed the full potential of his McLaren, darting through the pack with precision and confidence. As the race unfolded, Norris found himself locked in a fierce battle with some of the sport’s most formidable adversaries, each vying for supremacy on the sun-drenched tracks of Miami. 

As the middle of the race approached, Kevin Magnussen and Logan Sargeant collided during a close battle, resulting in Sargeant hitting the barriers and a Safety Car being called. This collision caused a safety car to come out at just the right time for McLaren driver Lando Norris. 

After the Safety car came out, Norris’ gap on the field was soon closed up by the rest of the drivers. Norris pitted while the safety car was out to exchange for his harder tires, still keeping his lead. Once the track was clear and the safety car was off the track, Norris dominated by putting over 5 seconds on Max Verstappen and the rest of the drivers.

Norris then held his lead for the rest of the race, looking so comfortable sitting in first for over 20 laps. Finally crossed the finish line and being the first one to see the checkered flag in sunny Miami. 

Norris emerged from his car holding up the “1” on his hand while standing on the front nose of his car. 

After the race and podium celebration, there was some controversy at the press conference. A reporter asked Verstappen “would Lando win without a Safety Car”?

After the question was asked there was a pause. The question, making Norris rethink the legitimacy of his win.

However in a quick verstappen answer“do you feel Lando would still have won if the safety car had not happened?”

Seeing Norris rethink the legitimacy of his win Verstappen answered, “It’s always If, If, If… If my mom had balls, she would be my dad so… yeah…that’s how it goes in racing, sometimes it works out for you and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Verstappen and Norris, being close friends, always take up for each other. After Verstappen’s comment Norris quickly burst into laughter, lightening the situation.

“Good for Lando. Honestly, I think that pretty much everyone in F1 likes Lando. I think him taking advantage of the safety car made it a perfect opportunity to take home his first win. As for his retirement statement… I think he will stay around for longer and I hope it was just a joke,” said Paul Avent, Freshman.

After a great weekend in Miami, Lando Norris finally took home his first win in Formula 1, making Sunday a day to remember in the Formula 1 community. 


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