Animal Protection Society of Durham

    The Animal Protection Society of Durham has rescued dogs and cats for over 50 years, helping them find their forever home. The shelter primarily houses dogs and cats, however occasionally has other animals like goats and hamsters. (Photo used with permission of Animal Protection Society of Durham)

    The Animal Protection Society of Durham is an adoption shelter for dogs cats, and occasionally other animals. The shelter takes in all animals regardless of age or temperament.

    Animals at the shelter are cared for throughout the day by the staff team and volunteers helping out. The volunteers walk the dogs and/or comfort the cats, while the staff team cleans the facility and feeds the animals.

    Volunteers can work shifts whenever they please and choose to work with animals of their choice.

    β€œAt the shelter, I walk dogs, take care of animals, make sure stuff is clean. I get the pouch of treats, poop bags, toys, and sausages ready, then go to the cages to let out a dog. Then, I walk the dog or bring them to the play yard if they are energetic,” said Claudia Wright, junior and volunteer at APSD.

    Photo of Claudia Wright playing with one of the dogs, Rosie, at the shelter. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Miller)

    β€œI like volunteering here because I want to help out animals in need, and it makes me happy knowing they will all find homes,” said Wright.

    Along with volunteers helping out at the shelter, they can apply to foster animals. Larissa Chantel, head staff member, emails volunteers about requesting foster homes. Those interested can reply to the email to complete the fostering process.

    For those interested in adopting, click here to view the available animals best suited for you.

    The APSD has over 1,000 volunteers but is always looking for more help. To become a volunteer at the Animal Protection Society of Durham, click here.


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