77 Days of Summer Vacation: How Should You Spend It?


Seniors have a lot to look forward to at the end of this school year, such as senior sunset and graduation, but what should they expect after? With the school year ending on June 12, less than a month away, students should begin thinking about their summer plans.

Summer is an opportunity for all grades to work towards their goals and relax without the stress of school. What exactly should each student be focusing on over the summer though?


If you’re a freshman this summer is no time to start stressing over the future. While it may be beneficial to keep programs, clubs, and other activities you would like to join the next school year, it isn’t necessary to. Spending this summer going to the beach with your new friends from high school is completely substantial. 

However, if you’re a freshman who’s set on starting your scholarly journey ahead of everyone you can do so this summer by brainstorming a club to start, researching your classes, preparing for the practice ACT and practice SAT, or looking for a part-time job. 


Sophomores, the summer before your junior year can be daunting as that is the year most consider the hardest; While you should begin preparing for a tougher school year this summer should also have a good mix of enjoyment and leisure as well. 

By this summer most of you will be 16, which is an ideal time to get a job. You should also be looking at registering for driver’s education courses to get your permit or getting driving hours with your parents to get your license before junior year; With your license, you’ll be able to drive yourself to school if you have the privilege. 

This summer is a good opportunity to think about college and what you want to do after high school as this will determine how your junior and senior year will play out. While it’s scary, the sooner you start the easier it will be in the long run. Starting to commit to extracurriculars and passions you have this summer will reflect well on college applications. So if you have a hobby or an issue you are passionate about, spend some time this summer researching how to expand those interests. 

Other than preparing for the battle that is junior year spend some time outside, with your friends, and relax as the time you have to do so will soon be slim. 

“This summer I’m going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, being a camp counselor for a cheer camp, and also working,” said Josephine Slifer, a sophomore. Slifer has perfectly balanced her summer for fun and productivity. 


You just survived the year 70% of students view as the hardest. While it’s a relief to be on break the so-called “grind,” doesn’t stop with the release of school. Common App opens August 1 for the 2024 cycle of applications. This means that the summer is a perfect time to work on your applications and account profile on the website so you aren’t overwhelmed when school starts again. 

This summer is also when you will want to register for the SAT and ACT so you have scores to submit on your college applications. It is also the last summer to have fun with your friends with the peace of mind that you still have one year left. So make sure to wind down from the chaos and reflect on yourself and your high school experience as you’ll need to be able to put it down in writing on applications. 


Congratulations on graduating! Now that you’re on summer break and reality is sinking in it’s time to spend this summer with your family and friends before potentially moving away. 

Throwing a graduation party and/or a going away party is a perfect way to celebrate and get useful gifts for going off to college or whatever you have planned. 


The one thing all of these summers have in common is relaxing and having fun. While it’s useful to be productive to some extent, it’s called summer break for a reason. Without the summertime to recharge students would be left burnt out, so enjoy the sun and don’t overwork yourself this summer. 


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