Who do you want to win the Bachelor? 

The final four for the Bachelor is here! Connections are forming and the love word is dropping. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain)

“Hometowns” for the Bachelor aired on March 4, 2024. Joey Graziadei, the Bachelor, has formed four serious connections with each of these women. 

The final four are Daisy Kent, Maria Georgas, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance.  Joey spent a day with each of the four women and met their families in their hometowns. 

Leesville students are invested in the reality TV show and love to share their opinion. 

Ava Marconi, senior, breaks down each contestant and gives her opinion. 

“Kelsey and Joey have a really good connection and I think that when they saw butterflies on their date it was a really sweet moment. Daisy is a clear front-runner and she has been the entire time. Joey seems to be clearly in love with her and I think she needs to open up a little more and she will win. Rachel and Joey do not show a connection to me, but their hometown date was really sweet,” said Marconi. 

“I really like Maria as a person but not for Joey. I think that she isn’t fully ready as she may seem not ready to settle down and have a family and Joey is, so I don’t think they are the best fit for each other and they have had a pretty rocky relationship throughout the season,” said Marconi. 

“I want Daisy to win, her and Joey have had the strongest connection and it is very visible through the way that Joey looks at her. You can see he loves her,” said Marconi. 

Leesville students’ opinions vary as they believe certain women have a stronger relationship with Joey. 

“I personally want Kelsey A to win. I feel like their connection has really grown and she is so nice and genuine. Her hometown date was so sweet and her family was extremely supportive and welcoming to Joey. Kelsey A. and Joey seem to have so much chemistry together and always have a good time with anything they do,” said Katie Stewart, senior at Leesville. 

“I do love Daisy as well. I could see them in the end too, but I like Kelsey’s A personality better. Daisy is a sweetheart and very genuine. I respect their connection but at times I feel it is just boring. Also I do not see Joey and Rachel as a couple at all. To me, they just do not match and do not have much chemistry together,” said Stewart. 

Faye Stoke, senior, agrees with Stewart and says, “Kelsey clicks most with Joey and in a more natural way in my opinion. Unlike other girls, she wasn’t too snobby about the idea that Joey is casually dating other women.” 

Joey has a strong relationship with each of these four women. Daisy, Kelsey A., and Rachel have expressed they are falling in love with him after their hometown date. 

The episode ended with a rose ceremony and Maria was sent home. The Fantasy Suite Week aired on March 11, 2024. 

Joey spent time with each of the three girls on a one-on-one date. Each girl was invited to a private room to deepen their relationship. 

Joey spent the night with each of them, valuing their time off-camera. 

Connections continued to grow and all of the girls fully expressed again that they are falling in love with Joey or in love with Joey. 

The episode did not end in a rose ceremony. Kelsey A. went to go talk to Joey and he was not found at the door so she left a note at Joey’s door. 

The episode ended with extreme suspense and left everyone on their toes. 

Keep up with The Bachelor to see who Joey proposes to!


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