Summer activities

    A sunrise during a nice summer morning which gives a reminder that summer break is almost here. (Photo Courtesy of Gabriella Cueto)

    Summer break is less than two months away for Wake County students. Finding fun things to do over the break may be challenging, but there are many activities to keep you and your friends entertained. 

    Beach Day

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    Any summer break needs at least one beach day. You can head to the nearest beach with friends or family. Pack a cooler with snacks, drinks, and maybe a ball or two for a game of volleyball.

    The beach is always an easy bet for a fun day trip or even longer. Spending the day swimming and tanning is always a fun time.

    Outdoor Movie Night

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    Plan a fun trip to one of Raleigh’s finest outdoor movie theaters. There are many different showings for trending movies that everyone can enjoy.

    You can find some outdoor theaters at the following locations: Raleigh Outdoor Drive-in, Triangle Drive-in, and many more. 

    The times for this outdoor theater are from 8-10 p.m. Some different packages include some little trinkets, a blanket, plush pillows, and popcorn.

    Dorothea Dix sunflower field

    (Photo Courtesy of

    If you want aesthetic scenery, see the Sunflower field at Dix Park. The Sunflower Field is free to visit. When coming to visit, there are a couple of essentials including sunscreen, hats, bug spray, and closed-toed shoes.

    Not only can you enjoy nature, you can use the scenery to take pictures for social media. 

    Crafts and games

    (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

    Many different games can be played over the summer, ranging from board, physical, and online. There are a variety of games to play or come up with.

    You can also make some fun crafts with your friends. One that is becoming very popular throughout social media is a bikini box. These boxes can be decorated and painted in many different ways. 

    Now that quarter three is over, the countdown to summer begins. As of April 17, there are only 41 school days left until summer break begins.


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