Song Review: “Your Apartment” by Wallows

Your Apartment is the lead single for Wallow's upcoming album, Model. (Photo Courtesy of Valentina Fernandez)

After a two-year dry spell, Wallows finally released their new single, “Your Apartment,” on Feb 16, 2024.

As a long-time listener of Wallows, I anxiously anticipated the song’s release; I was hoping for a vibe similar to that of their first album, Nothing Happens.

Nothing Happens is a light and fun album with alternative sounds and melodies. The album was released in 2019 and rose to popularity after the song, Are You Bored Yet?, went viral on TikTok.

Nothing Happens started Wallow’s music career with a bang; I was hoping for a song with a similar sound but a bit of something new to it.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

Your Apartment isn’t necessarily a bad song, it’s just nothing special. After two years with no new releases, and Your Apartment being the lead single to their new album Model, I was expecting something like the unique sound Wallows usually produces.

I didn’t even realize the first time I heard the song; it wasn’t until I searched it up that I realized I’d heard it before and didn’t think twice about it.

The song describes the uncertainty that comes with relationship instability and infidelity. However, the lyrics don’t reflect the lyrical capabilities of the band. To add to the disappointment, the actual melody and sound of the song sounds like a medley of the same sounds and chords the band has used in the past.

Listening to the song felt like listening to one of the songs on an album that you typically skip.

Initially, I thought I’d give the song a chance and listen to it a few more times to see if it would grow on me. 

After listening to Your Apartment multiple times, I came to the conclusion that while the song is boring and generally didn’t live up to my expectations, it’s perfect background music.

Your Apartment is a song that belongs on a study playlist or maybe a playlist full of music one listens to to relax. Would I listen to the song by itself? No. Did it make it onto my Study playlist? Yes.

Overall, Your Apartment is an okay song. I wouldn’t tell someone to go out of their way to listen to it but I wouldn’t say that I hated it.


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