Motivational messages in the Media Center

Daily messages are written on a whiteboard near the checkout desk in Leesville’s media center. (Photo courtesy of Darcy Meehan)

Hidden on the back of a whiteboard in Leesville’s media center lies notes written in erasable ink. The notes contain motivational messages that change every day and uplift the moods of people passing by.

Many students enter the library daily, whether going for a class assignment or studying on their own. The quotes and phrases on the whiteboard provide a cheerful feeling against the din of the hallway outside.

Mrs. Fields, one of Leesville’s two media specialists, writes these quotes. She started working at Leesville in January 2023, but she began writing these “Thoughts of the Day” years prior. Mrs. Fields previously worked at Wake Forest High School where she established this daily ritual. 

“Sometimes, I think when we’re all getting lost in the mundane starts to the days. I personally find that it’s nice to see a thought that might ground my work that day. I think students feel the same way,” said Fields.

The weeks can get repetitive, especially as the year nears its end. The quotes add some variety to the school’s setting, as most decorations, like the various posters hung inside classrooms, remain the same throughout the year. They also motivate students to continue their hard work through the home stretch.

Gabrielle Kiarie, junior, sometimes spends her lunch period in the media center, so she sees the quotes frequently. “[The quotes] do make me smile, especially when they’re good ones that have a joke to them. They remind you of why you’re coming in here during lunch to do work, and it reminds you that you’re here to help yourself and your future,” said Kiarie.

The librarians’ goal for the media center is to create a safe space for students. 

“We are trying to be as welcoming and as inclusive as possible, and give students… a quiet place to work and ponder,” said Fields.

They certainly achieve this ambiance in the library. The room is always clean, calm, and filled with students. 

“It’s just a quiet place if you’re overstimulated… to do your work but also have a minute to yourself,” said Kiarie.

The quotes enhance this mood by providing lighthearted but thought-provoking messages that all students can enjoy.


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