Is Spring Break too early this year?

Spring Break in Wake County is calling in the last week of March. This year LRHS students enjoy the week off from school earlier than the last couple of school years. (Photo Courtesy of Elsa Hermann)

Spring break is right around the corner and LRHS students are excited to enjoy a week off from school. The break starts on Friday, March 22 and ends on March 31. 

The Wake County Public School System plans spring break each year to be at a good time of the year. It always falls around the end of March or the beginning of April and involves the Easter weekend.

LRHS students have different plans to spend the spring week. Whether it is a trip to the beach, a reunion with the family, or just a relaxed pause from school, students get a nice opportunity to recover from the past school weeks. 

Madeline Carpenter, sophomore, especially enjoys recharging her batteries for the final couple of school weeks before the summer sets in. “I like just being able to relax and reset before the 4th quarter starts again,” said Carpenter. 

Although she doesn’t have anything planned for the break and will spend the time at home with her family, Carpenter strongly believes that the week off from school falls too early this year.

“Even if I wanted to go to the beach or somewhere like that, I want that it’s warm enough for me to sit outside, so I think it’s way too early this year,” said Carpenter.

Chloe Cragg, sophomore, disagrees and thinks that Spring break is the right time of the year since Easter is already on the last weekend of March. “I think that Spring Break is a little early but only because Easter is earlier, so it’s not really the school’s fault,” said Cragg.

She is going to enjoy the week at home spending time with her family and playing at a Volleyball tournament. Cragg is excited to get a break from school for that, so she can relax. “I use it [Spring Break] to regain my sleep,” said Cragg, with a smile. 


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