WCPSS New Spectator Event Bag Policy

Starting March 1, clear bags like this one will be the only bags permitted at Wake County High School events. This rule will only apply to spectators, not athletes. (Photo courtesy of Darcy Meehan)

On March 1, 2024, the Wake County Public School System will implement a new bag policy for high school spectator events. 

This new policy is intended to deter people from bringing weapons to these events and protect attendees. It will mainly focus on limiting the number of bags that spectators may bring and ensuring that these bags are clear.

Visitors will be allowed one clear bag that is no larger than 12” x 15” x 3”. Visitors will also be allowed one clear clutch no larger than 4″ x 6″ x 1″, a bag with medically necessary items, and a diaper bag.

Other permitted items will include coats, blankets, seat cushions with a width of 18” or less, baby carriers, strollers, and large medical equipment such as oxygen tanks.

This policy will not apply to students participating in events, like athletes or performers. Only spectators must abide by the rule.

Leesville students will have differing opinions on the new bag policy, especially those who frequently attend sporting events like football games. 

Adab Saib, senior, said, “I think [the rule] is good because it helps the safety of everybody, but at the same time they could just have somebody going through bags.”

This new rule may also change how students prepare for these events. For example, student spectators who do not go home before events will have to find other places to store their school backpacks because they cannot bring them inside. 

However, Kira Kaprelian, senior, is not worried about the issue. “I never brought a bag or anything. There was no space to anyway… Knowing what [the rule] is for, I feel like people wouldn’t be upset about it,” said Kaprelian.

Both Kaprelian and Saib are student section leaders, which means they are present at many Pride sporting events. Both are supportive of the new rule and feel that students will quickly adjust to its impacts. 

“People are going to complain about it… but I think eventually they’ll just say okay,” said Saib.

For more information about the new bag policy, visit this link on the Wake County Public School System website.


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