Monster Energy Drinks

Monster Energy is a student favorite energy drink at Leesville Road High School. The energy drink is regarded as one of the three most popular energy drinks in the world. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain)

Monster Energy is a popular energy drink enjoyed by many Leesville Road High School students. Students enjoy the brand for the variety of flavors, often related to fruit or coffee.

In a poll conducted by the @lrhsnews Instagram account, 51% of students who responded have tried Monster energy drinks.

The brand releases new flavors throughout the year. As of now, Monster has a total of 100+ flavors.

According to Parade, the top five most popular flavors are Orange Dreamsicle, Khaotic Juice Monster, Ginger Brew Monster Mule, Mango Loco, and Original Lo-Carb Monster Energy.

“My favorite flavor is Papillon Juice, and I can’t believe it’s not in the top five. The taste is so good it’s a better version of orange juice,” said Kirby Flannagan, junior.

Student opinions will vary depending on which drinks they choose, which include flavor, caffeine, zero sugar, coffee, etc.

“I like the coffee flavors the best because I don’t like the fruit flavors. Monster has an abundant variety of flavor, my favorite being the Java Salted Caramel,” said Georgia Lilley, junior.

Monster Energy have continued to produce new flavors for their fans to enjoy. The most recent additions include: Monster Energy Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red, Juice Monster Riot Punch, Java Monster Irish Crème, Rehab Monster Green Tea, and Monster Reserve Peaches N’ Crème.

Although students may have contrasting opinions on which flavor or kind is the best, most will say they enjoy the brand’s products.


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