Leesville Students At NoRa Cafe

Previously known as Maude’s Garden and Coffee, NoRa Cafe sits on the corner of Strickland and Ray Road. Recently, Wanderlust (a bookstore), opened next door to NoRa, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy their coffee with a book. (Photo courtesy of Valentina Fernandez)

NoRa Cafe is known throughout the LRHS student body as a popular study and hangout spot.

The cafe provides a wide selection of different pastries, lunch foods, beverages, and a comfortable and ambient atmosphere for customers to enjoy.

Studying at NoRa

In general, NoRa Cafe attracts a steady flow of Leesville students for a few notable reasons.

The cafe is a short mile and a half from LRHS, making it a quick drive if students want to visit for lunch or grab breakfast before school.

It offers several seating options such as high-top seating and even a comfy couch with a side table to work on. This gives students the option to work or study in a comfortable environment.

The artsy and welcoming environment along with the addition of friendly employees and popular music makes NoRa a coveted study spot.

This being said, there are times when the cafe is busier than usual: finals season.

“You literally will not find a seat in the whole store if you don’t get there the second school is out… it fills up so fast because everyone’s studying for finals,” said, Tasneem Mehdi, senior.

Around finals season, NoRa is practically a second school for LRHS students. Some students will go straight from school or practice to NoRa’s, where they’ll study till 8 pm when the cafe closes.

Adam Zeider, senior, said, “Honestly, when [NoRa] gets full of people from school like that, it’s really hard to actually get anything done because there’s a million people you know there at the same time… I end up getting distracted.”

While being surrounded by your friends isn’t always conducive to a productive study session, some students go to NoRa for that exact reason.

NoRa Cafe: Well-Loved Hangout Spot

On top of being a great study spot, NoRa Cafe doubles as a top hangout spot for LRHS students.

Around the end of the school year, when the weather starts warming up and the greenery is in full bloom after spring, NoRa Cafe’s outdoor seating is full of Leesville students talking and laughing together.

“It’s perfect to just hang out… It’s become such a community. Whenever I go, I see someone I know and I can just like, sit and talk with them for a while,” said, Nyah Von Haam, junior.

Even if friends haven’t intentionally planned to meet up at NoRa, it’s common for students to find a friend there.

The comfy seating and overall vibe of the cafe makes it hard to not take a minute and catch up with a friend over a coffee. Mehdi, said, “I love when I’m doing my homework or something, and I see a friend, and I can use that as an excuse to take a break… most of the time, I lose track of time and end up talking to my friends instead of finishing my homework!”

NoRa provides the perfect place to catch up with friends unexpectedly, but also is a great place for a photogenic hangout. 

The decor and artsy vibe of the cafe makes it a perfect spot for a “sundress and pastries” kind of get-together. 

Von Haam said, “It’s such a cute place and I love the overall feel of it… it’s amazing for an instagram-able hangout with friends!”

Regardless of why a student chooses to go to NoRa cafe, most students agree it’s worth the “hype.”

According to a poll on the LRHS Mycenean Instagram page, 65% of students agreed with the general consensus that NoRa Cafe is everything its made up to be.

If a student is ever looking for a great place to study, do homework, or simply enjoy the company of friends, they should definitely give NoRa Cafe a try!


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