2024-25 Class Registration

Students can enter their course requests on PowerSchool. Some courses will have a picture of a road under the name, meaning the student was recommended to take that course by their teacher. (Photo courtesy of Darcy Meehan)

Class registration for the 2024-2025 school year is underway.

PowerSchool opened for course registrations on March 6. Current eighth graders, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors may enter eight primary classes into the website, as well as four alternatives in case they do not receive the classes they want.

There is a wide variety of classes offered at Leesville. Some types of classes have higher-level work or different requirements needed to register for them.

Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are created by the College Board organization, and are designed so high schoolers can experience a college-level class and possibly receive college credit. Students can earn this credit if they score high enough on their AP exam in spring. 

Leesville offers over 20 AP classes, but freshmen only have one option for their AP course load: AP World History. It requires a lot of reading and writing and is a good introduction to the various AP classes students can take in other grades.

Jovin Zhang, sophomore, took AP World History as a freshman. “The homework was a lot, but for anyone who wants to take APs in the future, it’s a good view, you get to know what being in an AP class is like,” said Zhang.

For more information about AP classes visit the AP course sequence guide.

Career and College Promise Classes

Career and College Promise (CCP) classes are college courses taken at Wake Tech Community College. Through this program, students can enroll in classes at Wake Tech and receive college credit while still in high school. The registration period for these classes opened on March 1.

Laney Duncan, senior, has taken several CCP classes. “I would recommend CCP because it’s nice to have a period off of school, so if you have a lot going on or you work a job it could be easier to manage the workload if you want to take higher level classes,” said Duncan.

For more information about CCP classes, visit this link.

Game Design Academy

The Game Design Academy (GDA) is a four-year program for students interested in developing career skills in technology. Students take certain CTE classes as well as classes relating to code and they take these classes in a cohort with other members of the GDA. 

Lincoln Short, sophomore, is a member of the GDA. “I would recommend GDA to students who aren’t only interested in game design but also anyone wanting to learn graphic design and Photoshop skills, or anything in the technical field today,” said Short, over text.

For more information, visit the GDA website.

Auditioned and Application Classes

Many classes in the arts require an audition to take them. These classes include the advanced levels of Band, Dance, Orchestra, Theatre, and Chorus. 

Several classes also require an application to be placed in the class. These include advanced study Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes, CTE Internships, Early Childhood Education I and II, Physical Education Pupil Instructor (PEPI) classes, Sports Medicine III and IV, Yearbook, and Newspaper. 

Some of the information about applications is linked above, but to find out more about these classes, contact their respective teachers. These teachers’ names and emails can be found on the class registration page of the student services website. 

Choosing what classes to take can be a challenge, but there are many resources available to assist students. Teachers entered their course recommendations into Powerschool on March 4. Counselors also began meeting with students to discuss course selections on March 6, and these meetings will continue through March 22. 

All students must finalize their course selections in PowerSchool by March 22 to ensure a smooth registration process.


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