Student Spotlight: Katie Carrigan

Katie Carrigan, junior, sitting on a tree. Carrigan is constantly seen in nature, exploring her passion for the environment. (Photo used by permission of Katie Carrigan)

Katie Carrigan is a junior at Leesville Road High School and an active member of the LRHS community. Outside of the classroom, Katie runs a successful club- Art Service Club, works as a hostess, and is passionate about art. 

Born and raised in North Carolina, Carrigan attended St. Timothy’s school for elementary and middle school prior to coming to Leesville. 

Ever since she was a child, Katie has always been fascinated by nature. “I loved going to the beach when i was younger and exploring nature, I’ve always loved to be outside,” said Carrigan.

Growing up around nature and seeing the effects of climate change on our local environment inspired Katie to further explore her passion for the environment and sustainability. 

Academic Life

As a student, Carrigan challenges herself to take difficult courses and succeeds in them. Being a junior in High School, Carrigan has many difficult courses to balance. “I take Art 3, Latin 3 honors, AP U.S History, Math 4 honors and I’ll be taking internship class in the spring,” said Carrigan.

Apart from succeeding academically, Carrigan maintains a positive attitude and is an inspiration to her peers. 

Lia Whitbeck, junior, said, “Katie is so kind and she makes my days in class so much happier… She is an amazing person and everyone who knows her is extremely lucky.”

Outside of her academic excellence in the classroom, Carrigan is a member of the National Honor Society and Art National Honor Society. Her commitment to art is also seen through her involvement in higher-level art classes and her plans to take AP Art and design later in her academic career. 

“I started taking art classes my first year of highschool and loved it. Ever since, I have taken many art classes and joined a lot of art-based activities,” said Carrigan. 

Carrigan’s artistic journey has come far from taking her first art class in her freshman year, now actively involved in several art based activities, from Art Service Club to Art National Honors Society. 

Beyond the classroom

On top of her rigorous academic course load, Carrigan is an active member of several clubs.

“I am a member of Latin club, Art Service club, National Honors Society, and co-president of Earth and Sustainability club,” Said Carrigan. 

As co-president of Earth and Sustainability Club along with Clara Davis, junior, Carrigan is a dedicated leader and inspiration to her peers.

“Katie goes above and beyond to make the club welcoming and fun. She helps to coordinate activities, crafts, and service opportunities that stay true to our sustainable name,” said Earth and Sustainability Club officer Alexis Cook, junior.

Carrigan utilizes her passion and skills in art to create fun and interactive activities for Earth and Sustainability Club. 

“We are working on making a mural out of bottle caps to hang up at Leesville. All of our members [of Earth and Sustainability club] have been so helpful in sorting the bottle caps.” said Carrigan.

Despite her busy schedule, Carrigan maintains a job as a hostess at Chow Pizza Bar. This job not only provides her with financial support, but also valuable life lessons. “I started working at Chow over the summer. This job has definitely taught me more about the food service industry and customer service,” said Carrigan.

As an active member of the community and positive impact on her peers, Katie Carrigan is an inspiration to all those around her both in academics and her pursuits outside of the classroom.


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