Student Spotlight: Haley Lammé

Caption: Pictured before a game last season, Haley Lamme, senior varsity softball player. Lamme embodies the true spirit of leadership both in sports and in the Leesville community. (Photo used with permission of Viviana Straniero).

Haley Lammé is a senior on the varsity softball team at Leesville Road High School. Her journey in sports began with gymnastics, but it was her innate talent for throwing that led her into the world of recreational softball.

What started as a casual interest soon evolved into a passion, progressing through travel ball, middle school ball, and eventually securing her a spot on the high school varsity team.

“I love being with the girls,” said Lammé when asked what her favorite part of playing at LRHS is; emphasizing the friendship and team spirit that keeps her motivated during school softball. 

As a Loonie Leader, she found joy in leading peers at school events, making Friday Night Lights memorable and a highlight of her senior year. 

“I love it [being a Loonie Leader]. I love having the position to be able to get my peers in school involved in games, and it made FNL so fun.”

Lammé stands out not just for her athletic abilities, but for her inclusive personality that makes her a star player, a respected classmate, and a natural leader. “I feel like my personality played a big role in getting the crowd loud and having people listen to me—it takes a lot to be able to step up and talk to two bleachers full of people.”

Beyond sports fields, Lammé worked as a server and hostess at Leesville Taproom and interns at ‘Facts for Youth,’ a nonprofit organization. Her role extends beyond a traditional internship, as she actively engages in managing social media platforms, contributing to the organization’s mission of spreading awareness and fostering positive change in the community.

The experiences gained in these diverse roles have honed her communication and planning skills, shaping her into the student-leader she is today.

“In different environments, whether it’s the restaurant industry, the gym, or financial literacy workshops, I’ve learned so many skills that have helped me in high school,” she reflects. “These helped me develop my character and personality to be able to do certain leadership roles—like leading a football game or being involved in many things in high school.”

Looking ahead, Lammé has her sights set on the University of South Carolina, where she plans to major in sports management with a minor in entrepreneurship. 

While her leadership skills will be missed at football games and her impressive arm on the softball field, Leesville Road High School happily anticipates her next chapter while in college.


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