Spring Men’s Baseball Tryouts at Leesville Road

The men’s baseball tryouts are just around the corner. The players are looking forward to another good season playing for The Pride. (Photo used by permission of Ty Furlow)

The Leesville Road High School men’s baseball tryouts for the 2024 season are going to be held on February 14 on the baseball field.

As long as their Dragonfly forms are filled out correctly, all 9-12-grade boys are welcome to attend tryouts. Every boy will have a fair chance of making the junior varsity or varsity baseball team and no prior baseball experience is required. 

The baseball staff includes several experienced coaches. Coach Jones is back to coaching the team this year, leaving the new and returning players thrilled. Ty Furlow, junior, said, “… we have a great coaching staff this year.”

One of the benefits of being a part of the Leesville baseball team is being able to make friends. Several returning baseball players have mentioned friends they’ve made on the team. When asked about his favorite part of playing, Zack Nash, junior, said, “Being with my friends and making good connections.”

Although the tryout process can be a draining process, it’s well worth it for the opportunity to be a part of Pride’s Baseball team. 

Justin Chambers is going into his fourth and final season with the men’s baseball team and he provides words of wisdom for any stressed students going through the try out process. “Don’t be nervous, you know, be yourself and just have fun with it,” said, senior, Justin Chambers.

“It’s Leesville baseball,” said Chambers. His words are a reminder to all athletes that representing what it means to be a Loonie is the most important thing.


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