Should students be required to participate in gym?

Students during first-period gym sit on their phones. While other students are participating in the activity.

Students in Wake County high schools must take healthful living once throughout their high school career. Although this class is required most do not participate.

Here at Leesville there are mostly freshmen in the healthful living class. There are two-week increments where they go from a classroom to the gym.

In the classroom, students learn about the human body, specifically the brain. Along with this classroom section comes an exam.

During the gym portion of the class, students must do some cardio by doing some laps around either the gym or the track. After, this cardio some students participate in the games or sit along the wall on their devices.

The purpose of this class is to learn and participate in games to get and enjoy some type of exercise. When given the option students rather go on their phone or focus on other school work.

Some of the other classes that also take place in the gym are team sports and some other PE classes. 

“I think students should participate unless there is an obvious reason why they can’t. I want students to do the best they can and students don’t want to do things that they aren’t good at.

If they aren’t good at it immediately, they just stop trying.” said, Ms. Torella.

Some students have medical reasons as to why they can’t participate which is understandable but, the fear of failing is why many people don’t participate.  

“ I think students should only have to participate if they are in some sort of sport or want to. Especially during first-period gym because it is early.” said, Brooklyn ____, freshmen.

There are many different benefits to gym class not only physical. There are mental benefits as well.

Physical health is essential for everyone and is crucial to instill in students. Participation in gym class is good for the heart, muscular strength, and flexibility. 

Due to the food habits of most students and Bojangles being around the corner getting exercise is extremely important. 

Physical activity has been proven to have positive effects on mental health. Students engaging in gym class can release stress, improve moods, and be good for one’s well-being.

Building teamwork and social skills after the pandemic is significant and many students need more confidence in doing so. Gym creates an environment not only where you get exercise but, where you can socialize and make new friends.

Do you think students should participate in gym class whether it is for their physical or mental well-being?


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