Are the Grammys worth watching?

Close up picture of the actual award. There are some awards with transparent bases. (Photo used with permission of

The Grammy Awards have passed and many watched the award ceremony, but was it worth the 3 hours and a half of your time?

For those who don’t know, the Grammy Awards are awards presented by the Recording Academy of the United States  and recognize achievements in the music industry.

The recording academy “has more than 12,000 voting and more than 3,000 professional(non-voting) members.” These members are made up of many different ages and races.

This award has many different categories, and an artist can win multiple awards. For those who didn’t watch here are some of the categories and who won:

Best pop solo performance: Miley Cyrus, “Flowers”

Best musica urbana album : Karol G, “Manana Sera Bonito”

Best country album: Lainey Wilson, “Bell Bottom Country”

Best R&B song: SZA,” Snooze”

Best pop vocal album: Taylor Swift,” Midnights”

Song of the year: Billie Eilish,” What Was I Made For?”(from the motion picture “Barbie”)

These were just some of the awards along with the winners of the awards. There were many more award-winners and viewers were eager to see who they were.

Is it worth watching for 3 hours to hear that final name get called that you may or may not agree with?  There have been many controversial opinions on different categories such as the best new artist and album of the year. 

“No, we shouldn’t watch the Grammys. The people who run the Grammys, vote for the Grammys, and decide who wins each award aren’t an accurate representation of the people,” said Kyle Orr, junior. “These people don’t actually listen to the music. It’s just a small representative group that doesn’t necessarily understand what the larger population likes.”

The Recording Academy votes on who wins the Grammy Awards is 55% white after adding 900 new voting members. Not only is the recording academy being questioned because of their demographic.

There were some winners for this year’s awards tha many hadn’t expected. Killer Mike, a “rapper”  won best rap album of the year. This wasn’t the only head turner, but jaws dropped when this rapper who is unknown to most won this award.

Another shocking winner was Victoria Monet who won best new artist over Ice Spice.  While songs like “Munch”, “Princess Diana”, “Boys a liar”, and “Deli” have over 100 million streams. The winner has one song that rings a bell to most who listen to the radio.

While the song “On My Mama” by Victoria Monet is catchy no one knows her as an artist.

“Some random woman won best new artist over my queen Ice Spice,” said Leigh Wills, junior.

How can someone be the best new artist when many outside of the music industry don’t know who they are. There are some other aspects as to why you may want to watch the Grammys.

“I don’t really care who wins, but it’s entertaining to watch and some artists perform live,” said Aida Savo, sophomore.

Many will continue to watch the Grammys or the aspect of pure entertainment. Is entertainment worth three hours of your life for entertainment that’s supposed to be factual, but is actually rigged?



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