Are students burning out at the end of the first semester?

Students push to study and prepare for their final exams. (Photo courtesy of the Rochester Institute of Technology)

As the semester comes to an abrupt close, students are really feeling the fatigue of exam prep and the last few days of class.

“The amount of work from my APUSH class combined with the project final exams and major projects due soon has me working for long hours at home making me feel burnt out,” said Aidan Cavanagh, junior. 

Nobody wants to have to spend hours on end studying, even in the beginning of the semester, but at the end those late nights are even more grueling.

Pushing Through

Even though kids may be losing energy and hope, they still need to push through these last few days of the semester, and exams.

“I am making sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep and maintain my physical and mental health by going to the gym and taking breaks by playing video games over the weekends,” said Cavanagh.

According to the Rochester Institute of Technology, there are many ways to keep pushing and avoid burning out: “Set aside a time where you only do that thing you really like. Whether it be watching a good movie or riding your skateboard, for that full amount of time you don’t do anything but that.”

Another tip that the RIT gives is to set goals, and according to the RIT, “They don’t have to be big goals, they can be small. It can be anything like making sure you attend all your classes that week or doing something ahead of time for a certain class.”

There are many more different in-depth descriptions, but here is the list from the institute: “Make time for things that make you happy, make sure to eat good quality food, get some exercise in, positive self-talk, to-do list and notes, get organized, set goals to motivate yourself, talk to someone and let out your stress, get outside, meal prepping, take breaks while studying, and change where you study”

Looking Back

This semester has been fun, and students look back at what they’ve enjoyed.

“I am going to miss some of the friends I made in the first semester along with the teachers that made classes fun,” said Cavanagh.

It may have just been one fun class or a group project that was a blast to work on, but remembering something fun that happened this semester will help with the feeling of burning out, but hopefully some friends were made that will be remembered.

“My favorite part of the first semester is the D & D club and the fun projects our teachers make for us,” said Cavanagh.

Who knows, a friend made this semester could last for the rest of high school or even further into life.

Say goodbye to the 1st semester, because the 2nd is just around the corner!


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