Favorite Vacations

The beautiful view of the sunset over the Grand Canyon. (Photo courtesy of Zach Barnes)

Whether it be the beach or the mountains, cruises, or resorts, people love vacations.

The Beach

The beach is one of the most relaxing places that we like to travel, and while the beach is not my absolute favorite place to travel, it comes at a close second.

The main reason why I like the Beach is because of the weather. It’s mostly nice at the beach, and on a nice day, I love nothing more than a walk on the beach.

Another good thing about the beach is that there is a lot to do in surrounding areas.

While these places may be very touristy, meaning expensive and low quality, they can still be a fun and enjoyable experience while on vacation.

A couple downsides to the beach is that sand gets everywhere, and travels with you. As well as the fact that if there is bad weather, there isn’t much to do at the beach.

The Mountains

I’ve only been to the mountains a few times. I do enjoy going, but to me there are some cons.

I like the mountains because the activities are less traditional. For example, Sliding Rock is a park where there is a very large rock — that serves as a slide — with a stream of water running down it going pretty fast.

Just be aware if you go to Sliding Rock that the water temperature is around 40-45 degrees fahrenheit. 

I’m not someone who is big on hiking, that is my main con to the mountains.

Hiking is such a big part of mountain culture, and if you — like me — don’t like hiking, there are other options available for you to do, like white water rafting or ziplining. Anothing thing that is popular and available is skiing.


I love resorts, not as much as the beach or cruising, but they can be really fun.

One of my favorite resorts is the Arizona Grand, in Phoenix AZ. It has multiple pools around the hotel area, and includes an extensive water park.

The only thing about resorts is that they are basically just big hotels with stuff to do around them, but as someone who likes to ride around and explore places, feeling confined to the resort is a con for me.


Cruises are my absolute favorite way to travel and see the world.

I’ve been on cruises from both Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines. My personal favorite being the latter.

Now there are some upsides to Royal such as slightly better food, but I have been on more Carnival Cruises and will be cruising again in January on Mardi Gras.

Carnival has a nickname of “The Fun Ships,” and they live up to it.

One of the main things that you should not skip, especially if you go on a Carnival cruise, is the sail away party. The party is popping and the fun squad is out in full effect.

Cruising allows you to see different things in just the right amount of time.

For example, if you get into Nassau, Bahamas at 8:00, you’ll leave at about 5:00 to 5:30, giving you a good period to explore and see the city.

If I were to say one thing about cruises, is that on longer sailings, you can run out of things to do on the ship while at sea.

I would say this for only 10+ day sailings because especially on more modern ships, there is so much to do.

Vacations are things that society looks forward to as a break, and everyone has different ways they want to spend their time, having fun wherever they go.


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