Calling all Swifties

Shown is the opening of the movie which begins in the same way the concert starts. This photo was taken at a local showing of the movie, many people were singing and dancing along. (Used by permission of Lincoln Short).

Over the summer, there was a lot of hype surrounding Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, but not everyone was able to attend. On October 13, 2023, a movie version of the concert was available to see in theaters.

Most of the people attending this movie are Swifties, the fanbase for Taylor Swift. Many Swifties decided to dress up and make going to see the movie almost as big of an event as going to see the concert. 

“I saw it early premiere on a Thursday. I had a special outfit and went with one of my friends,” said Emily Moseley, junior. Moseley was one of many people who were able to see it on Thursday, October 12, 2023,  in North America, just a day before it was premiered worldwide.

Many had to wait to see the movie when it was more commonly available to see. 

“I saw it on Saturday (October 21),” said Lincoln Short, sophomore. Short was one of many people who dressed up for the movie and attended with his friends, but many wonder why all of this was done if it was just a concert for one fanbase.

Moseley said, “Taylor Swift is for everyone it’s a lifestyle.”

 Many Swifties believe this to be true and don’t just listen to her music, but take it so far as to shape aspects of their lives to represent what she sings about in her music. 

But even with these beliefs, some don’t think the Eras tour movie benefits many moviegoers other than Taylor Swift fans. “It’s all Taylor Swift and if you don’t know anything or care about her at all then you wouldn’t like it,” said Short. 

Even with the power she holds on her so-called Swifties, Taylor Swift’s new movie isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for an almost 3-hour-long Taylor Swift jam session with friends, the eras tour film is perfect for you, and in your local theater.


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