North Carolina Governor’s School

Meredith College hosts NC Governor's School every year along with Salem College. Students arrive on campus eager to extend their academic knowledge. (Photo courtesy of Public Domain)

The North Carolina Governor’s School is a 4-week summer residential program for high school students. Students attending Governor’s School can choose to specialize in a wide variety of disciplines, including English, foreign language, mathematics, science, history, and the arts.

Governor’s School is extremely selective. With applications open to rising seniors only, the program accepts 400 students to each of their two campuses. 

Stacy Wang, junior, plans on applying to Governor’s School for the summer. 

“I want to go [to Governor’s School] because I saw a really inclusive community where people are driven by their interests rather than grades and that’s something I want to do. I want to surround myself with people of the same interests and make connections with other people.”

Leesville Road High School students who previously attended Governor’s School continuously recommend the program. “[It was] the best four weeks of my life, I made some really close friends… and made so many memories. I also learned a lot, not just in math, but also in philosophy and other academic and arts fields,” said Anjali Kalanidhi, senior.

For rising seniors interested in attending this program, contact Mr. Greene ( before October 9 to attend an informational session about Governor’s School.


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