Club spotlight: new guitar club

The club will be playing different types of guitars including acoustics, pictured above, electric, and bass. Anything that can hook up to an amp is accepted. (Photo courtesy Nadia Ferjani)

Leesville Road High School is officially starting up a guitar club after Mr. Yelverton announced an interest meeting regarding it last May. 

The club isn’t necessarily just for people interested in guitars as a hobby, they are looking for people who can do performances at the school. 

Mr. Yelverton, CTE teacher, said, “Once a quarter, for lunch… also pep rallies.” 

Over the summer, people who were intrigued in the club came early to rehearse for Leesville Launch for their first performance. They performed four songs, one of them being “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles.

Considering that you will have to perform, you can’t necessarily have no experience when joining. Mr. Yelverton said, “We are not able to give lessons, as it would take up too much time. Somebody who’s beginner, mid level… That’s what we’re looking for.”

In addition to having your own skill, you will have to own your own guitar. Emma Julian, senior, said, “I do own my own guitar — I have an acoustic, an electric, and another electric which is an Epiphone SG standard.”

You can get many things out of this club if you join that aren’t just playing the guitar. Emma Julian, senior, said,  “I wanted to join because I wanted to have a chance to play with my friends and have a fun little band of sorts.”


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