Bringing Smart Lunch Back

Students eating lunch in the cafeteria during b lunch. Students who don’t have off-campus passes usually eat in the cafeteria. ( Photo credits: Gabriella Cueto)

Here at Leesville, we have two different lunches A and B. Both of these lunches are thirty minutes long which includes the time it takes to get through the lunch line and settle in. 

Students who don’t go off campus or to the student parking lot for lunch have a couple of options. They can either eat in the cafeteria, eat outside, or get a blue pass and go to a teacher’s classroom or the library. 

Students use this time to socialize, eat, and work on schoolwork. The question is are 30 minutes enough for students to eat, get work done, and get back to class on time?

In 2017 Leesville students were blessed with smart lunch. Smart lunch is an hour-long period where students have the opportunity to socialize, go to club meetings, and focus on other school work.

Mr.Kelly said, “There were pros and cons that went along with smart lunch. One of the pros was it allowed students to visit their clubs and receive additional tutoring.”

Some pros of bringing back smart lunch would be that students have more time to do schoolwork and socialize. Some cons would include students causing trouble and not staying in designated areas like the cafeteria.

Mr.Kelly said, “It can cause safety issues. There would be so many students on campus and not enough admin to supervise the students.”

Finding a way to have students in one area and not roaming around is going to be one of the main issues with bringing smart lunch back.

Ishika Yerma, junior, said, “It’s a great idea to bring back smart lunch. I love hanging out with my friends, and it would also give me time to finish school work.”

Is smart lunch or a longer lunch going to come back? 




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