September Scholarship Bulletin

Scholarships are a significant source of financial support for many students. Many seniors take advantage of the scholarships provided by LRHS. (Photo courtesy of Shir Inbari)

Each month, the LRHS student services team creates a list of scholarships for eligible seniors. 

This month, the UNC Morehead Cain Scholarship, the NC State Park Scholarship, and the UNC-Charlotte Levine Scholarship Program are available to students. Anyone can apply to these scholarships, and the deadlines for application range from early October to early November. 

“Scholarships are important because they are a way to afford college. Without scholarships, I would have to take out a loan which would eventually leave me with more debt… People should apply because it’s free money. You never know what you might get or what resources are available if you don’t apply,” said Chloe Lassiter, senior.

“I have been working on applications for scholarships like the Park scholarship at NC State. I think it’s important to apply to get as much out of a college as possible [and] to show the dedication not only to the school but your education,” said Noah Anderson, senior.

Scholarships provide students with the opportunity to attend schools that are otherwise unattainable financially, reduce student debt, and motivate students to attend colleges. 

For more information, contact Dean of Students, Eric Green: 



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