Pride for Peace club

Leesville students take action towards ending gun violence. In 2018, Leesville students hosted a walk out in honor of a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. (Photo courtesy of Pride for Peace Club)

The Pride for Peace club advocates and raises awareness about gun violence. 

Juliana Tomasello, a senior at Leesville, founded the club to create change in her community.

“I started the [Pride for Peace] club because the issue of gun violence has been super prevalent. Pride for peace advocates for gun safety. We hope to do lots of service projects and work with Students Demand Action to promote change on gun safety,” said Tomasello. 

Students from all grades join together every month on Tuesdays to work together on service projects and discuss the issue of gun violence in our community and all throughout the United States. 

“I think it’s really important as students to recognize the issue in our country that is gun violence… it’s something that we need to come together to work on to make our school safe,” said Chloe Lasstier, senior.

Pride for Peace club is a safe environment where students can express their concerns about gun violence and work together to raise awareness.

For more information, see @lrhsp4p on instagram.


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