Ms. Jacobs, new to LRHS but not to leadership

Ms. Jacobs official photo on WCPSS websites. The photo was posted on the WCPSS website after Ms. Jacobs won Principal of the year.(photo used by permission of Ms. Jacobs)

As we all know this year, Leesville High School has a new principal, Ms. Jacobs but what does she want to do with Leesville and what does she want to change?

“Hi, I am  Shejuanna Jacobs. I am the proud new principal of Leesville Road high school,” said Ms. Jacobs.

Ms.Jacobs, despite what the rumors, is not from Alabama but is from North Carolina, in total Ms. Jacobs has worked at 7 different schools around Wake County from elementary, middle, and now high school.  

As a principal and teacher, Ms. Jacobs never worked in a high school.  “I have done a lot of different things but one thing I have never had the pleasure of doing is seeing a kid walk across a stage. I said that is something I don’t want to end my career without having done,” said Ms. Jacobs. 

Many people may not know this but a little fun fact about Ms. Jacobs  “Mr. Solomon and I went to high school together, [and] we went college together, so not only are we colleagues we are friends,” said Ms. Jacobs. 

But what Ms. Jacobs really loves about Leesville is. “The pride that is in this school is like seeped in this school. The teachers are very dedicated and committed here. The community is really behind this school, “ said Ms. Jacobs.

One of the biggest changes at Leesville by Mr. Solomon was getting rid of SMART lunch and replacing SMART lunch with two 30 minute lunch periods. 

Ms. Jacobs is here to stay and here to change. “A dedicated time for advisory or a period where we could conduct club meetings. I am thinking of something not quite like SMART lunch. Some type of period or time where people with off campus passes could leave.”

 It is important to note that all of this is still very much just ideas and all of these lunch ideas could change by the time it is instated. 

Ms. Jacobs has been going through stages. The first stage was primarily made up with meeting the students and laying down the ground rule. Ms. Jacobs is now starting her second stage which will include getting to know her staff and trying to understand how Leesville really works.

Ms. Jacobs has had a long line of schools that she has already worked at and this is not her first rodeo. Ms. Jacobs loves how Leesville HIgh School works but also believes that it is time to make some changes around the school for the better.


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