LRHS new School Resource Officer

Officer Allen is eager to make an impact at Leesville, hoping to improve the overall atmosphere of the school. (Photo Courtesy of Zach Barnes)

One of the Raleigh Police Department’s duties is to send officers to schools to provide security. 

In previous years, Leesville’s school resource officer had been RPD Senior Officer Council. This year, the Raleigh Police Department has assigned a new officer to Leesville, Senior Officer Allen.

Officer Allen has been with the Raleigh police department for over 10 years now. After 8 and a half years of patrol duty, this is his third year as a school resource officer.

While he is excited, Officer Allen said, “Honestly, it was such a big change coming from a small school to a big school.”

Previously, Officer Allen worked at Longview School for 2 years, and he’s now here at Leesville for his third year as an SRO.

“I have a lot more opportunities to engage with the students here than at the other school.” Said Officer Allen.

He has already started talking to students during lunch and throughout the day.

Officer Allen said, “I think number one would be to interact with the students, but to interact with them in a positive way, talk to them in a positive way, not when they’re in trouble, when they are having a good day, see things that they want from me as a school resource officer.”

Officer Allen is happy to be a part of the Leesville team and is already making a positive impact on the Leesville Road High School community.


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