LRHS check-in

Many different emotions and energy levels in this classroom. Whether people are laughing and happy, or quiet and sad, focusing on their work, or busy on their phones. (Photo courtesy of Nadia Ferjani)

It’s been three weeks since school started. Homework started on the first day of school for some classes. Some students may still be on their A-game, but some might have fallen behind.

According to a poll posted on @lrhsnews on Instagram, 15% of students reported their first three weeks of school as “awful.” 

Lily Fields, junior, said, “My first three weeks have been difficult. I’m very tired all the time.”

For some students they’ve had a rough first three weeks, dealing with classes that have been giving out homework since the first day can drain even the most motivated students. 

Lily Fields, junior, said, “I have not fallen behind yet, but in APUSH I might fall behind.” 

Also according to the same poll, mentioned earlier, 63% of students reported that their first three weeks of school were, “good.” 

Taylor Gorrell, junior, said, “My first three weeks haven’t been the worst… I do get a lot of homework, but it’s not hard, there’s just a lot of it. But I’ve had a lot of fun with my friends and getting to go off campus this year is nice.” Gorrell also noted that she voted, “good,” on the @lrhsnews poll about how people are doing in school. 

The other answer available on the poll was “great  –” 22% of students chose great to be their answer.

Skyler Richards, junior, said, “My first three weeks have been amazing, my classes are nice and I have friends in all of them.” 

Everyone has had a different experience these first three weeks. Those experiences can really impact how you perform in school.


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