The Return of Fire Alarm Issues at Leesville

In the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, the fire alarms would often go off from students vaping in the bathrooms. After a couple of weeks of consistent fire drills, they eventually stopped but now they are back and drills are occurring multiple times a day. (Photo Courtesy of ABC 11 News).

Fire alarms at Leesville Road High School have been continuously going off multiple times a day due to vaping. 

Smoke alarms are installed in each bathroom and detect when a student is vaping. The alarm goes off, and students have to evacuate as if it were a real fire. 

These “drills” caused by students vaping can be a distraction and interrupt learning. When one of these drills occurs, students evacuate outside and it disrupts their learning time.

This past Monday, the fire alarm went off twice in one period due to students vaping. This was a huge distraction and took time away from students’ learning. 

However, some students enjoy these drills because they take it as a nice break from class. “I hate the drills when it’s raining and they can get annoying when there’s multiple a day but sometimes it’s nice to have a break from class,” said Darius Mcree, junior. 

Ian Soloman, the principal of Leesville, took numerous actions such as speaking over the school’s intercoms about not vaping and disciplining those students who got caught. Soloman recently decided to close half off the school’s bathrooms and have teachers supervise students who enter. 

Many teachers and faculty at Leesville dislike the disruptions,  “I think it’s unfortunate that this is what it takes to encourage students to stop doing things they shouldn’t do in the first place,” said Mrs. Dobbin. 

So far, blocking off half the schools bathrooms have prevented fewer fire alarms caused by vaping, from happening. 


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