How taking Newspaper Benefits you

Newspaper class finishing up their articles for the week. Students are working on their last short article for the year. (Photo courtesy of Cameron Broer)

Only a few out of the 2500+ of people that attend Leesville Road High School take newspapers as an elective for either a semester or the year long class.

The only requirements to join newspaper class is you have to be at least a sophomore and have to submit an application to Mr. Broer, who is the teacher of newspaper.

The majority of the students who are currently enrolled in newspaper class say that it helps develop better understanding of what events are happening within the school. It also helps improve writing and communication skills.

Taking this class helps you learn how to be comfortable talking to people you’ve never interacted with by having to do interviews for your articles. It helps develop professional skills and time management. 

These skills are very important and can be used in different parts of your life and especially help you succeed in college. 

Emma Nani, graduate class of 2022, said, “The class definitely helped me a lot with my writing. I feel like between newspaper and taking a class like AP language and AP literature I was able to get into a higher college English class where I only had to take it for one semester instead of two, and I did really well ,so I think it gave me a well rounded sort of way of writing papers.”

“I have a position as a volunteer coordinator at the Carolina wetlands association, and they like to have me write articles for their website every now and then. So having a basic knowledge of how to do that entire process really helped me in my internship,” said Nani.

One of the biggest benefits that comes from taking newspaper is that it helps you get into different associations and helps you with internships for a variety of different companies.


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