Written vs Virtual Teaching

Two students taking notes during personalization time. Students to the right taking written notes, both students on the left are taking computer notes. (Photo courtesy of Meonna Sloan)

Nowadays in most schools, many teachers use online tools for students to take notes and complete assignments.

Most teachers choose more online teaching and learning because it is easier to manage and also to grade assignments.

This style of teaching then creates a problem because with a computer you can’t see what a student is doing unless you go up behind them. It allows a lot of students to be able to cheat on tests as well.

Having free access to the internet during class creates a lot of distractions, like going and playing games on computers instead of doing work. Which then puts some students who get easily distracted at a disadvantage.

However some students prefer having a more online class.

Tucker Wood, sophomore, said, “I would rather have technological learning because it’s a lot easier to access remotely, but with paper you have to bring it to places.”

“But I think that writing things out instead of typing and having online assignments helps understand the topic better because it engraves the material into your brain… Also having free range internet access makes it very hard to stay on task when doing online assignments,” said Wood.

Even though schools are more advanced in the more online way of teaching, some teachers still choose to give out papers for assignments and require students to take handwritten notes whether on a blank sheet of paper or a fill in the blank.

Some teachers still choose this method of learning because it causes students to focus more on what is being taught and the teacher can see if they are paying attention rather than being on a phone, computer, etc.


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