The worst movie-book adaptations 

Caption: Around 65% of movies around the world are book adaptations. With book adaptations, directors must be careful as some books have large fan bases that can be aggressive if the movie is not accurate. (Photo courtesy of Samantha McGaughey)

When books are being turned into movies it can be hard to get every aspect of the book right. Due to that fact, there are several movies that book fans have not only been disappointed in but also angry at.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

The Mortal Instrument Series is the first installment of the Shadow Hunter Chronicles. All six books in the series are a New York Times best seller. With the series being a best seller, come crazy fans.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones came out in 2013. While developing the movie, fans were extremely excited to see their favorite characters come to life but after watching it they were disappointed fast. 

“I have been a fan of The Shadow Hunter Chronicles for years. Watching City of Bones was like watching Percy Jackson all over again. The plot was nothing like the book, and it was as if it was a completely different story,” said Madison Lamm, sophomore.

The movie focused on the small insignificant parts and rushed through anything that was important to the plot. The movie script writers changed most of the plot, so it no longer went along with the book. Such as how Clary and Jace found out they were siblings.

Percy Jackson Film Series

Percy Jackson & the Olympians is a world-renowned book series. Millions of people have read the books and loved them. When the film was announced, fans immediately began to think that the film series would be as good as the Harry Potter Film series was. With expectations being high, the fans were easily disappointed in films.

The movie did not let the beginning play out. Within the first thirty minutes, Percy is already at Camp Half-Blood and is being told he is the last son of Poseidon. 

The characters were also obviously too old at the beginning of the movie. They are supposed to be 11 but look as if they are twenty.

At the end of the movie, Percy fights the lightning thief, the fight is extremely anti-climatic and is over within five minutes.

The god’s costumes look cheap while the CGI is also extremely bad.

“The Percy Jackson Book series is amazing, but the films are not so good. I learned to separate the two and pretend like the movies have nothing to do with the books” said Peyton Holt, junior. 

The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga is one of the pioneers of YA romance. On its first week in publication, it sold millions of copies. It didn’t take long for filmmakers to want to make a film adaptation.

The films were a complete disappointment. Fans complained that the storyline made their favorite characters seem unstable, unhonorable, selfish, boring, clingy, and arrogant. 

“The books were great! The romance, the storyline, everything was amazing. But then I watched the movies, and I was so disappointed. They made Bella seem co-dependent and Edward an uncontrollable monster,” said Andrea Lehmann, sophomore.

The movie strayed from the plot line on multiple occasions, Charlie putting snow chains on Bella’s truck tires, How Bella flirted with Jacob to make him tell her a story, and how Bella found out about wolves, everything about the plot was messed up in one way or another.  

Overall the acting was dreadful: Bella kept doing weird movements, and Edward looked like he was in constant pain.

At the end of the first book and movie, there was a “battle” between the Cullens and James. In the book, the fighting was assumed but not featured, in the movie it seemed they wanted it to be more epic than it was.

Although many film-book adaptations are horrible there are a few that are successful. There is the Harry Potter series which stayed extremely faithful to the books. It wasn’t too fast and they perfectly split The Deathly Hallows into two different parts.   

“Harry Potter was one of my favorite film series, after reading the books and watching the movies there were not many differences that were noticeable,” said Holland Purcell, sophomore.

When it comes to film adaptations of books there is one thing that is always true with every adaption. The book is always better.


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