Men’s Lacrosse Playoffs

Playoff instagram post with sophomore defenseman Cameron Lape, and sophomore goalie Mac Crocker. (Used permission of Blake Annison)

As the 2022-2023 season came to a close, the Mens Leesville Lacrosse team has made the playoffs.

On Tuesday May 2, 2023 the first round of the playoffs started with Leesville playing against East Chapel Hill High School.

Going into the playoffs Leesville was ranked #20 overall and East Chapel Hill was ranked #13 overall.

On May 2 Leesville won by upset against East Chapel Hill by one goal with five minutes to go left in the fourth quarter.

By winning the first game, now the 2nd round of the playoffs starts. Leesville is scheduled to play Chapel Hill High School on May 5, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. With Chapel Hill being the #4 overall in the playoffs.

By the standings with Leesville being ranked 20th in the playoffs and Chapel Hill being ranked 4th, Leesville is likely to lose.

Stone Hensley, junior, said, “The playoffs are a time for me and the team to show what we are really capable of. We had some tough losses like gibbons but we have been lucky enough to go against these teams we lost to and to get our revenge.”

One of the biggest factors that gave these players pride is when they go up against certain teams that have beat them in the past.

Practices before the games are very important and are valuable because it gives the team time to look over what they did wrong in the previous games so they don’t make the same mistakes again.

“Throughout practice we are able to work on our game plan and change up a few things. We have played all of the teams already during the regular season so now we must assess and fix the mistakes we have made before in previous games,” said Hensley.

The pride went 11-9 overall this season with a 4-6 conference record. This brought Leesville to 4th in the CAP 6 conference. Leesville upset Chapel hill 12-4.

Leesville went into the 3rd round of the playoffs against Topsail High School. Unfortunately the pride lost 11-9 and their season over.


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