Stunt Season Came to an End

Leesville Road High School stunt team at Sanderson for a scrimmage meet March 9, 2023. Leesville won against Sanderson 17-4. (Photo courtesy of Meonna Sloan)

For Leesville Road High School, cheer season starts in the fall, where they cheer for football and basketball with 2 or 3 competitions in the middle of the season.

But stunt is a shorter season of cheer and is similar to cheer. Stunt is only a varsity team and stunt is just an all girls team.

Schools that have a stunt team get 6 routines There are categories in those routines which are partner stunts, jumps n tumble, and pyramids. There are 6 different types of routines for those categories. With 1 being least difficult and 6 being the most difficult.

Stunt season started March 1. The athletes train at practice to learn all the routines by the time they have their first match which is a scrimmage. 

Stunt matches or meets are when there are two teams on the mats at the time showing to the judges who can do the routine better and cleaner. There are different four quarters: Partner Stunts, Pyramids, Jumps and Tumble, and Routines. 

There are currently 25 people on the stunt team for Leesville with two of them being seniors, 13 of them are juniors, 4 of them are sophomores, and 5 are freshman.

“We have new people and newer routines. So we have different people doing different positions to make some of the routine better” said Marley Bunson Junior,who has been on the stunt team for 2 years.

Stunt was added in 2014 for an all girls team to give girls more opportunities to play sports. It helps girls develop cheerleading skills.

“Cheer season is really stressful and stunt is pretty chill and it also keeps your skills up for cheer,” said Bunson.

2021-2022 was the first year that Leesville stunt went to playoffs. Hopefully they are able to go back to the playoffs and even win the championship game.



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