Why is it Required for Seniors to Take Three Classes When Playing a School Sport?

Carlee Roberts, Olivia Heaney, Kaylee Miller, and Viviana Straniero are all seniors who are taking 3-4 classes just so that they could participate in their last softball season. A majority of their classes are electives since they took all their credits in previous semesters. (Photo permission of Haley Lamme)

Plenty of seniors have decided where they will be attending in the fall, but the NCHSAA  mandates athletes to take at least three classes if they plan on being a part of a school sport. 

Speaking from experience, I am taking all electives this semester because I have all of my credits. Although taking Foods and Nutrition I is fun during my first period, it is not necessary. I would rather get an extra hour of sleep or use my time wisely at the gym. 

I think that a good compromise for athletes should be having to take at least two classes because three seems excessive. Athletes could use the sleep after all of their daily practices and games, and it would help us put even more time, energy, and focus into the classes they are enrolled in. 

Not only are public school students frustrated by this rule, but homeschooled athletes are also getting the short end of the stick. In March of 2023, a controversial article came out about a senior who was academically ineligible for soccer. 

Even though she had a 4.4 GPA and took four classes including three AP’s, she was denied from trying out. “Her AP courses only fully count at the end of the school year. Because they only count half-way in the middle of the school year, Caitlynn Guarino entered the spring semester with 2 ½ credits when three are needed to be eligible for sports,” said the the Daily News. 

Guarino’s situation was much more infuriating because she confirmed with the school prior to that school year that her schedule would allow her to play. 

The school system not only failed her, but they also sent the wrong message to the other students. This consequence will encourage them to take easier classes to ensure that they could play their senior season.

As senioritis starts to kick in, I feel passionate about senior athletes not having to take redundant classes. 


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