What impact does spending too much money on fast food have on students

Sammy Mcgaughey showing her Chick-fil-a drink. (Photo courtesy of Marco Kempinski)

Many students find themselves spending too much of their money on fast food, and this can have a negative impact on their college savings and everyday life.

High school students spend an estimated 24% of their money on fast food, and this money could be going to more beneficial places, such as tuition costs and textbooks. Fast food restaurants offer convenience and cheap prices, but the long-term costs can be much higher. 

“I make $300 – $400 every week and I spend probably like $150 of that on food,” Syni Davis, sophomore. 

In addition to the health risks, spending too much on fast food can also take away from other important aspects of regular life. Feeling lethargic, and lack of energy are both symptoms of eating fast food. 

Students tend to purchase fast food for social reasons, because they are stressed, or if they are simply hungry. Many students meet with friends at places like Mcdonalds and Bojangles. Certain clubs also meet up at sit down restaurants for special occasions.  

Fortunately, having a balance between the amount of fast food you purchase and how often you eat at home, students can have a healthy non addictive lifestyle. 

“Students should try to cook at home. Cooking at home saves students money but also provides a nutritious balance within their diet that stimulates their brain and provides adequate energy,” Ms. Goins, Foods and Nutrition I teacher.

It is important for high school students to be mindful of their spending habits and make sure that their money is going to the right places.

Students spend a lot of money on fast food for a variety of reasons. For one, it can be convenient and quick for those with busy schedules. Fast food is also relatively inexpensive, making it a great option for those on a tight budget.

Many fast food restaurants have appealing marketing tactics that can make it difficult to resist.

Fast food can be seen as a form of comfort or reward for busy students, making it a popular option for those dealing with stress or fatigue.

Spending too much money on fast food can have long-term consequences, both for their health and for their college savings. 


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