Coaching Staff for Leesville Men’s Lacrosse


As the new season for men’s lacrosse starts up, the coaching staff for the 2022-2023 Leesville Men’s Lacrosse are excited and filled with energy to get into full swing of this year’s Lacrosse season. 

The coaching staff for this year’s season includes varsity head coach Darren Gerci, varsity assistant coach Jeff Spear, junior varsity head coach Gabe Ellsworth.

Jeff Spear is coaching his 12th year for the Leesville men’s lacrosse program. 

Geraci’s first year was the 2022 spring season . “This is my second year here coaching at Leesville officially coaching, but I’ve actually coached guys for a while when they were in youth programs,” said Geraci.

Meanwhile, Gabe Ellsworth, JV coach, is new to the job, being a graduate from Leesville Road High in 2022 that has come back to coach his favorite sport.

Darren Geraci said, “I’m feeling good about this season. We lost a lot of seniors last year, but a lot of current senior leadership and the practices that we’ve had really built a bond between the guys so far.” 

As the new season starts, it brings lots of new players, majority being the freshman class of 2026.

“I love the influx of new people coming in that have never played before, it’s such a huge group of freshmen and sophomores, and it’s just the buy-in from everybody, and overall the buzz going on right now,” said Geraci.

Each men’s lacrosse coach, varsity and jv, strive to help and teach these student athletes to their fullest potential whether that being on the field or even in the classroom. 

Another key factor these coaches focus on is teaching these student athletes how to make smart decisions and how to become responsible and respectful young men.


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